Partnering in Copenhagen

Well this is the first, and hopefully not the last, in a series of blogs highlighting some of the exciting developments at NanoGenics. Last week I had the pleasure of attending BioEurope along with our Director of Business development, Jonathan Lane, and 4002 other delegates. Whilst incredibly hard work (honestly no time for sightseeing) these partnering conferences are an excellent opportunity to drive new business and collaborations.

NanoGenics already has multiple collaborations to develop LipTide across a range of gene therapy sectors, most of which had their origins from partnering conferences and the hard slog of multiple back to back meetings in the little shower cubicles. This year we had a record number of meetings for a BioEurope conference.  Apparently, in total there were 24,199 partnering meetings and at some points I felt like I had presented our peptide nanoparticle technology in all of them. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the excellent coffee from the MSD stand, which certainly fuelled me through the early morning meetings.  Learning for next time, block calendar out till at least 9am.

I really got a sense this year the search for non-viral effective/safe gene delivery is gaining a sense of urgency and this should help with the real hard work of converting promising partnering meetings into future collaborations.  As one Bio closes, time to start preparing for BioUSA 2019 in Philly and hopefully they can match the excellent food of BioEurope this year.