Visiting our partners at one of the UK’s most ambitious universities

Well, back by popular demand/lack of protest, is the CSO’s almost monthly Blog about the exciting ongoing developments at NanoGenics and our passion to transform gene delivery and develop new medicines.

I had the honour this week of visiting our formulation team at Edge Hill University; catching up with the multiple research collaborations we have ongoing with our Pharma partners to deliver their gene therapy.

Some people may cry ‘Edge Hill University, where is that? Never heard of it!’ A practical response would be it is neither in Edge Hill nor Liverpool but relatively near to Wigan; cheapest Taxi fare is from Wigan station in fact. For those further afield, that is half way between London and Edinburgh, in between Liverpool, Manchester and Blackpool. A more insightful answer would this is one of the UK’s most ambitious new research-led universities, which is rapidly moving up the ‘research charts’ in the UK. They have just invested £27M in library and student facilities and are opening a Medical School this year.

For NanoGenics, we have access to state-of-the-art labs beyond anything I worked in at Imperial College London and there is huge potential for expansion and building closer links between NanoGenics and this rapidly-developing research-led university. Obviously, I can’t comment on specific projects, but it was great to see the progress with our new organ-targeting programmes and alternate delivery routes research. Hopefully soon, I will be able to update you on the rapid progress one of our in-house programmes is making to the clinic, following a successful proof of concept study.

That’s all for this month, other than to say my visit was so successful that a week later the Royal family followed in my footsteps; Princess Royal visits Edge Hill.