Our Pipeline

We have ongoing programmes to bring our own LipTide solutions to the clinic. We are actively seeking partners to accelerate these exciting projects

A chemotherapy enhancer

LipTide-ECP102 (Ryboquin)

This is our most advanced in-house product and originated from a collaboration with the Medical Research Council in the UK. This unique siRNA payload downregulates the ITCH ubiquitin ligase in cancer cells, which allows the pro-apoptotic protein p73 to accumulate and sensitises the cancer to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The Phase I trial will focus on four solid tumour types.

To see how this drug could revitalise your chemotherapy portfolio click on the link below. 


A neuroblastoma tumour growth suppressor


There are few effective therapies for the childhood nerve cancer, neuroblastoma. NanoGenics is looking to revolutionise the treatment of the hardest-to-treat neuroblastoma by inhibiting the key oncogene, MYCN, with tumour-targeted delivery of siRNA.


An inhaled treatment for cystic fibrosis


Cystic fibrosis has always been at the forefront of gene therapy research, however, to date, little patient benefit has been achieved. Immune reaction against traditional viral vectors has been one key challenge. The LipTide platform’s targeted delivery greatly reduces these concerns, enabling repeat and regular dosing. Along with its potential for inhaled dosing, this means it represents a true paradigm shift for cystic fibrosis gene therapy.


A novel glaucoma therapy


Trabeculectomy is a key surgical procedure used to treat glaucoma. But without antifibrotic therapy, the failure rate can be up to 74%. Even with the use of5-fluorouracil, failure rates are around 50% after five years. New, safe, non-toxic and efficacious treatments are urgently required so that the benefits of trabeculectomies are not just temporary. ECP-105 is a promising solution – just a single administration increased bleb survival and decreased scarring in vivo.