Our Products

We have ongoing programmes to bring our own gene silencing medicines to the clinic. We are actively seeking partners to accelerate these exciting products

Our gene silencing pipeline


A chemotherapy enhancer

This is our most advanced in-house product and originated from a collaboration withthe Medical Research Council in the UK. This unique siRNA payload downregulates the ITCH ubiquitin ligase in cancer cells, which allows the pro-apoptotic protein p73 to accumulate and sensitises the cancer to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The Phase I trial in 2021 will focus on five solid tumour types.

To see how this drug could revitalise your chemotherapy portfolio click on the link below. 


A novel glaucoma therapy

Trabeculectomy is a key surgical procedure used to treat glaucoma. But without antifibrotic therapy, the failure rate can be up to 74%. Even with the use of5-fluorouracil, failure rates are around 50% after five years. New, safe, non-toxic and efficacious treatments are urgently required so that the benefits of trabeculectomies are not just temporary. ECP-105 is a promising solution – just a single administration increased bleb survival and decreased scarring in vivo.